About Us

Olympus Legum is a media portal founded by Mr. Pranav Pathak and Mr. Deepak Sati in their second year of LLB at Campus Law Center, Faculty of Law, Delhi University. The website is developed by Harpreet Singh, an IT professional working in Ireland.

Promotion of legal Journalism is our first and foremost agenda. The website entails upon dispensing legal news and developments from across the world into the field of Sports Law, Competition Law and Labour Law. The idea is to encourage the development of jurisprudence of various uncovered aspects of the law and critically/analytically analyzing the issues arising out of various legal related areas.

Furthermore, it is the need of the hour for the law to be mainstreamed as part of the media circuit in order to promote transparency. At the same time our objective is for a layman to understand the various aspect of the law, catering the masses. There is a bigger task in front of our team and we will deliver on our endeavors. For any queries or information you can reach out to us at olympuslegum@gmail.com.