DDCA and the shady business: Retd Justice Mudgal report suggests to bring the DDCA under the BCCI ambit

In the harshest criticism yet, Retd Justice Mukul Mudgal in his report on the working of Delhi District Cricket Association (DDCA) on behalf of the Delhi High Court made scathing comments and recommendations of the murky/shady business at the District Cricket Association. The report openly named BCCI’s & DDCA’s Vice President C. K. Khanna in the report in promoting corruption with lack of transparency and accountability.

The report has been filed after overseeing the working of the World T-20 tournament and the IPL matches in 2016. It outlines issues such as the Tendering process, Conflict of Interest, proxy voting etc are few of the biggest detriments in combating corruption in the tainted organization. The first mandate which the reports gives is to bring the DDCA under an ad-hoc body or a committee appointed by the BCCI in order to manage the daily affair of the DDCA under its arm.

Retd Justice Mukul Mudgal (Picture credit: NEWS18)

Further, the report also suggested of disbanding/abolishing the Sports Working Committee (SWC) of the DDCA as it clearly infringes into the working of the DDCA executive committee or constituting a separate committee with 5 international or national cricketers of repute, one senior coach, two members of affiliated clubs and members of institutional clubs with BCCI as the parent body governing the District association.

The report also calls for a ban on alcohol, which was served during the time of the matches to the executive committee members as well as the other people of the organization. The various office bearers also came under the scanner for trying to gain as many free passes and accreditations cards as possible, which entitle the holder to watch the match for free and allowed freeholders enjoy hospitality at DDCA’s account.

In case of DDCA’s & BCCI’s Vice President C. K. Khanna, the criticism seemed like never ending as in order to protect his position on several occasions the proxy votes were used. It is because of these proxies that, he holds a strong influence and further getting things done via devious and conniving means. Mr Khanna had no interest whatsoever in promoting cricket in Delhi and is a credit monger, looking for Photo ops everywhere.

Further, Mr. Khanna’s interests were strengthening his position in exchange of complimentaries to gain favor and in order to protect the proxies.

There were several complaints made against Mr. Khanna in regards to the various kits, which were supposed to be distributed amongst the staff member. Some were distributed while to this day nobody knows where the rest of the kits went.

Mr. Khanna was in further controversy, as there is a humongous amount of Conflict of Interest in the organization with many of Mr. Khanna’s family members are being placed in the DDCA, also to bring in notice Mr. Khanna also himself is a part of the BCCI and one of its affiliated organization, that in itself is a violation of the Conflict of Interest policy. The report openly names him as an impediment for the development of cricket and asks for his removal for Cricket to prosper in the Capital. The allegations are however contradicted by Mr. Khanna.

The report also names finance committee member Mr. Subhash Sharma along with some other executive committee member influencing the tendering process and also helping a particular vendor in landing the catering contract. The committee’s recommendation is for the purpose of credibility, accountability and transparency in the tendering process, BCCI should intervene in order to meet the fair requirement of the tendering process free from the glitches of undue advantage and corruption.

All of the recommendations are based upon the daily working of the organization and are subjected at the perusal of the BCCI.



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